Deskroll is a remote desktop tool

Secure and guaranteed remote access to PC in web browser. Designed and developed by our company, launched at 2015. Current results: 50K registrations, 14K+ active accounts
  • Laravel based website
  • WebRTC based p2p communication
  • Windows and MAC OS/X Desktop application
  • Android application
  • C++ network services applications
  • Amazon AES redundancy hosting
  • See more technical details

Filmillion is a akinator in the world of movies

Think about the movie. Answer about 30 questions. Filmillion will guess the movie! We created all story about this project even historical based background.

Shopify plugin - image based related products widget.

Main goal is boost sales for eCommerce site with smart image based product recommendations.
  • Laravel based backend
  • ML service for image recommendation

Quiddi.org is our startup MVP.

Get actionable insights to make better business decisions. Dashboard with the most insightful information from the user reviews about your products, service, company.
  • AliExpress API integration
  • ML analytics as a service
  • Laravel based client dashboard

Toprankproducts is a service that finds quality products from reliable sellers on AliExpress.

  • AliExpress API integration
  • ML analytics as a service
  • Laravel based website

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