Deskroll website

Web provide all user flow (registration, works with list of her computers, reports, billing, interaction with support team). Remote PC access is provided by The spechial component called Viewport. Project hosts at Amazon Cloud, load balancing is implemented with Amazon ELB/ALB, MySQL master-master replication used for redundancy.
  • Backend: PHP, Laravel framework, MySQL
  • Frontend: AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, Websockets, Adaptive HTML markup, HTML5
  • Hosting: Amazon Web Services, Amazon EC2, Load Balancing
  • ReactPHP for WebSocket server providing real-time client updates
  • P2p communication using browser WebRTC data channel
  • Communication between component uses: Apache Thrift, ZeroMQ, WebSocket, Raw TCP sockets, SSL/TLS

Service component

Network services: C++ based Linux daemon programs used as entry point for clients application on remote PCs.

DeskRoll Desktop Application

It provides screen capturing, images compression, network transmission using P2p, direct TCP/UDP communication. Desktop application for Win and Mac platforms.
  • MAC OS/X: C++/Objective-C
  • Windows: C++ Native Desktop application UI
  • Crossplatform libraries: SSL, Boost, WebRTC

Deskroll for Android

This Android application is remote desktop viewer with ability to control your PC via internet.
  • Kotlin
  • WebRTC library (built from C++ sources)
  • HTTP/WebSocket communication
  • Firebase integration

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