Proxmox Mail Gateway

Proxmox Mail Gateway is a mail gateway that protects your mail server against spam and other threats before they reach the user.
Implementing the system does not require rebuilding the existing mail system. It allows you to filter incoming email, and ensure that outgoing email meets modern security standards.
The clustering capability provides system resiliency.

Pavel Zinoviev

Systems Administrator

Proxmox Mail Gateway is suitable for any business
which uses mail systems with the SMTP protocol

Necessary Resources

  1. One or two virtual or physical servers to create a cluster.
  2. SSL certificates for the web interface.
  3. Licenses for each node of the cluster to access tested updates and support.

Proxmox Mail Gateway Setup Flow


Examining the current mail topology

1-2 days


Confirming the timing and stages of implementation


System installation and configuration

1 days


Checking performance on a test mail domain

1 days


Switching incoming mail to a mail gateway

1 days


Switching outgoing mail to mail gateway

1 days


Less spam means more productivity because less time is wasting

Proxmox Mail Gateway will drastically reduce the amount of spam and will protect your mail server from viruses

Stop threats before they reach your inbox

Proxmox Mail Gateway will protect your mail server from viruses

Outgoing emails will be protected with DKIM signature

Proxmox Mail Gateway ensures no email is lost with email spooling

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