Virtual Webcam SDK

A virtual webcam driver is a desktop application that emulates a real webcam device in the system, so the other applications could use it as an actual webcam.

Our SDK will help you connect your app with any desktop applications that work with webcams.

Max Troshin

Product Manager

In the 2020s, remote work has risen rapidly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 61.9% of hiring managers say their workforce will be more remote going forward.

Video communications have become one of the most useful and efficient channels of communication in many spheres of life like video conference calls with colleagues, video chats with friends, online doctor appointments, online education, and much more.

Our Virtual Camera SDK made the video communication process more flexible, simple, technological, and fun. It's a virtual driver based on the DirectShow technology that has a super simple API so it can be integrated into your application easily. Supported by most popular applications like Skype, Zoom, Slack, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, and many others.

Virtual webcam advantages

  • It works with several applications at the same time (splitting webcam for multiple consumers)
  • Supports a wide set of resolutions (including vertical ones) and color conversion
  • Supports hardware acceleration for better performance and smooth user experience
  • Ability to apply effects to the video stream before pushing it to the driver
  • Ability to switch the multimedia sources in the runtime (no need to reconnect the consumer application)

Virtual webcam features

  • High performance and low CPU usage
  • Usage monitoring – being notified when other applications open or close Virtual Camera
  • Support for multiple instances
  • Windows x64/x86
  • A light-weight package with zero dependencies, simple SDK, and a ready installer/uninstaller

What we offer

DirectShow-based virtual video driver (with your signature)

SDK for pushing frames to the driver and installer/uninstaller with documentation

Set of examples of how to send a stream to a driver using the DirectShow

Custom driver name and custom default image

Custom development and consulting (changes/integrations/additional features)

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