Virtual Background SDK

Virtual Background is the AI effect that removes or replaces background in real-time during video calls or video streaming.

Our SDK allows you to easily integrate virtual background functionality into your application.

Max Troshin

Product Manager

In the video, I'm walking through my flat and demonstrating the virtual background functionality. See how it works with various lighting patterns and different real backgrounds even while moving.

This feature is very popular in real-time communication applications like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and others. People also call it "virtual background", "background blur", "background segmentation", "dynamic chroma key background", "dynamic green screen".

Some technical details: neural network-based model optimized for high-quality virtual background experience. The models were trained on a custom dataset containing thousands of images collected and carefully annotated by our experts specifically for this task. Our custom dataset is very diverse: the images collected were made in various surroundings under a wide range of lighting conditions depicting people of multiple ethnic backgrounds wearing different clothing and a variety of other attributes that were important for model stability. It is optimized for real-time execution on consumer-grade CPUs and GPUs via Intel OpenVINO and Microsoft WinML runtimes. A special version of the model to trade quality for execution speed on resource-constrained devices is also available.

Main Features

  • Replace Background with Image/Video
  • Background Blur
  • Segmentation Mask
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Key Highlights

  • Cross-platform SDK
  • High Performance
  • Support for different CPU/GPU backend
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